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Show Hours:

Friday, November 11 | 12:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Saturday, November 12 | 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM

Sunday, November 13 | 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

VIPs get in 15 minutes early Saturday & Sunday

Costume Contests:
Saturday, November 12 | 6:30 PM

Sunday, November 13 | 3:00 PM

Rules + Sign Up Info: CLICK HERE

Costume Contest Prizes Provided by

Ultimate Wireless

Programming Schedule

For Panel Descriptions Click Here


Friday 11/11



Room 101- TCC Main Events:  X-Reads: an X-Men Podcast w/special guest Larry Hama

Room 200B - Upstairs:  Notice Me Senpai! 

Room 200E - Upstairs:  Ghosts - Minnesota’s Spirits - Cancelled

Room 201 - Upstairs:  Musings from the Grid - A Power Rangers Fan Panel

Room 202 - Upstairs:  Max Explores Twin Cities Con!


Room 101- TCC Main Events:  Colleen Clinkenbeard, Over 1000 episodes later, a One Piece Panel

Room 200B - Upstairs: Jason Faunt Q&A

Room 200E - Upstairs: Ben Templesmith Q&A

Room 201 - Upstairs: The Twilight Zone

Room 202 - Upstairs: Working with Companies in Fandom


Room 101- TCC Main Events: Apex Legends Q&A w/ VanSanten, Lee, & Roye

Room 200E - Upstairs: The Power of Board Gaming

Room 201 - Upstairs: Representation of Latino Culture in Pop Culture

Room 202 - Upstairs: Maps in Fiction


Room 101- TCC Main Events:

Room 200B - Upstairs: Diversity In Cosplay

Room 200E - Upstairs: Making Your Own Merch

Room 201 - Upstairs: AwesomeMania - The Pro Wrestling Fan Panel

Room 202 - Upstairs: All About Anime Cels


Room 101- TCC Main Events: Princess Bride ShadowCast

Room 200B - Upstairs: Dumpster Fire Chat

Room 200E - Upstairs: Monsters, Myths & Legends - Cancelled

Room 201 - Upstairs: TBA

Room 202 - Upstairs:

Saturday 11/12


11:00 am

Room 101- TCC Main Events: Going Plus Ultra w/ Briner, Matranga, & Chapin

Room 200B - Upstairs:  Comics and Wrestling

Room 200E - Upstairs: Lipstick Lounge

Room 201 - Upstairs: DC vs MARVEL: From Comics to TV & Movies - Cancelled

Room 202 - Upstairs: Wonderful Worldbuilding


Room 101- TCC Main Events: Journey To Middle Earth w/ Elijah Wood & Sean Astin

Room 200B - Upstairs:  Cosplay on A Budget

Room 200E - Upstairs: Looking up to SuperHeroes with Amáda Márquez Simula

Room 202 - Upstairs: Building Stories


Room 101- TCC Main Events: Have A Nice Q&A with Mick Foley!

Room 200B - Upstairs:  Voice Acting Q&A w/ Ballard, McGuire, & Zech

Room 200E - Upstairs: Gay Geeks and Where To Find Them

Room 201 - Upstairs: Starting Your Podcast: Stuff I Wish I Had Known

Room 202 - Upstairs: Creating Believable Pseudo-Science in Your Fiction


Room 101- TCC Main Events: Bulk & Skull Q&A w/ Narvy & Schrier

Room 200B - Upstairs: Timothy Zahn Q&A

Room 200E - Upstairs: Anime Voiceover Q&A w/ Wehkamp & Tipton

Room 201 - Upstairs: 21st Century Star Trek TV

Room 202 - Upstairs: Tales From the Indie World


Room 101- TCC Main Events: Phil LaMarr Q&A Panel

Room 200B - Upstairs: Nerd Out With Nerd Street - Q&A with the folks who run TCC

Room 201 - Upstairs: Your Star Trek Economy

Room 202 - Upstairs: The Ways to Pitch, or Make Your Comic


Room 101- TCC Main Events: TCC Saturday Cosplay Contest!!!

Room 200E - Upstairs: Fifth Element Silver Anniversary

Room 201 - Upstairs:

Room 202 - Upstairs: Chaos and Control - A Writing Process

Sunday 11/13



Room 101- TCC Main Events: Comics & G.I. Joe with the Legendary Larry Hama

Room 200B - Upstairs: Women in Comics and Cosplay

Room 200E - Upstairs: Make a friend cosplayer style!

Room 201 - Upstairs: TXHT Live from the State of Hockey

Room 202 - Upstairs: ComixSchool: Teaching with Graphic Novels and Comics


Room 101- TCC Main Events: From Empire to Jedi: A Star Wars Q&A w/ John Morton & Dickey Beer

Room 200E - Upstairs: Kendo: The Japanese Way of the Sword

Room 201 - Upstairs: Improv for all ages with Scenes From A  Hat

Room 202 - Upstairs: Overcoming life’s challenges: Using your origin story to become a superhero!


Room 101- TCC Main Events: Johnny Yong Bosch Talks Anime & Power Rangers

Room 200B - Upstairs: Anti-Bullying Panel w/Ani-Mia

Room 200E - Upstairs: Ad Icon Fights

Room 201 - Upstairs: Torima GET to the panel! (SCRAMBLE GAMBLE PANEL)

Room 202 - Upstairs: 20 Years of Webcomics & 20 More?



Room 101- TCC Main Events: TCC Sunday Cosplay Contest 


Room 200F - Upstairs

TCC Game Room Powered by 2D Con

OPEN GAMING (Video Games & Tabletop)

Friday: 12:00PM - 8:00PM

Saturday: 10:00AM - 8:00PM

Sunday: 10:00AM - 5:00PM


Friday - TCG

1:00PM - Magic Commander Free

4:00PM - Magic Sealed ($30)


Saturday - Video Gaming

3:00PM - Street Fighter III - 3rd Strike

4:30PM - Vampire Savior

Saturday - TCG

11:00AM - Yugioh Advanced ($5)

11:00AM - Nostalgix TCG Swiss Tournament

2:00PM - Magic Modern

5:00PM - Digimon

Sunday - TCG

11:00AM - Yugioh Structure Deck ($11)

2:00PM - Magic Pioneer

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