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You can purchase Exhibit space and Artist Alley tables here:

Twin Cities Con welcomes comic, apparel, gaming, anime, collectible dealers, and more. We prefer not to accept exhibitors who are selling something unrelated to the "geek community." Please inquire if you are unsure whether you'd be a good fit, we are open to creative exhibits and sponsorships. 

Artist Alley tables are open to all creators who sell merchandise that they create themselves. This includes but is not limited t: 2D artists, 3D artists, writers, painters, illustrators, authors, mixed media, cosplay artists, etc. We don't allow AI-generated art at Twin Cities Con. 

Contact us via email if you are interested in sponsorship opportunities for TCC 2024

We have a limited number of complimentary tables for nonprofit groups, fan groups, and other cons who will not be selling anything at the con. Applications for promotional tables will be available soon.

2MMNY    615
45TV    740
501st Legion   340

93X   739 (Saturday 11-1 Only)
Aaron Reynolds/Effin Birds    138
Aaron's Art Room    M5
Action INK Comics    D12
Actoons Illustration    M9
Adam Hoppus    C7
Ai Mochi Arts    B3
Aisho City    707
Alé Garza    A7
Alexander Iaccarino    N18
AllieKatten    919

AlleyCat Comics    635, 637
ALPHEX INC.    620, 719
Amanda Nelson Design Co    716
AmandaSmurfee    B15
Amazing Imaginarium    418, 517
Ambrosia & Honey    F2
Amy Chu    C13
Amy Dumas fka Lita    S25
Andrew Aydin    A18
Andrew the Artist    E7
Andromeda Attire    805
Andy MacDonald    N13
Andy Price    C14
Angela's Art Palette    537
Angels Creations    C10
Anime Detour    T9
Anime Fusion    T13    509, 511, 513
Ant Lucia    239
April Elizabeth    K2
Archimedes Azure Creations    905
Armin Sokocevic    K13
Art by Tyler prawl    D18
Art of Bryan Vreeland    G11, G12
Arthur Bowling III    H1
Artovision    436
Artsyvushop    E3
Ash Tattoo    738
Ashleigh Popplewell    M18
Ashley Eckstein    S52, S53
Astrawitch Art    M17
Author Christopher D. Schmitz    B11, B12
Author Patrick W. Marsh    B10
Avalon Gifts    829
Avina Comics    J16
Avulsed Games    820
Awesome Industries    532
Badass Girl    A5
BeadsnBeats    B1
Beastly Couture    G5
Ben Templesmith    M13
Big Hair Illustrations    D3
Big Trouble Art Studio    L8
BirdBrainsNYC    227
blade daddy    406, 408, 505, 507
blade daddy    229, 231
blade daddy    730, 732
Blue Stripe District    C9
Blulious    H6
BluuuoArt    M8
Bob The Artist    116, 118
Bookish Endeavors    325, 327
BoringGalaxy    D2
Brent Mukai    S39
Brian Donovan    S18
Brian O'Halloran    S44
Briar and Spindle    K3
Bright Bard    F15
Bryan Tillman    810
Bryan Turner    M12
BTA Workshop    625
bunnyvomit    J9
Burnsville anime club    T8
Butterscotch Sympathy    B9
CARE Counseling    819
Cat & Dragon Fandom Creations    G3
Chad Corrie    L13
Chad Hardin    L14
Chance Oberlander    818
Charlet Chung    S51
Chibitasm    927
Chicago Costume    720, 722
Chill Vibes Worldwide    232
Chivalrous Arts    921
Chocolate And T    N10

Chris Anderson    L15
Christopher Jones    L16
CJ Autographs    711, 713
CJ Standal    H8
Claire Doolittle Illustration LLC    D8
Claire's Caricatures!    L2
Color Street - Independent Stylist    404
Coloring Your Own LLC    A4
Comet.Juice    C2
Comic Book College    212, 214, 216, 218
Comicker Press    L3
ConFluence: A Cultured Multiverse    T12
Conpacks Studios    130, 132
CONsole Room    T18

CONvergence    T4
Copy + Paste DSM    504
Costumers For A Cause    T15, T16

Count Kaufman Collectibles    524
Crafts For Miles    H4
Crazy Red Artist    L17, L18
Creating Meraki Studios    502
Creative Freedom HQ    M16
Crooked Nose Arts    K1
Culture    822
Curious Goods    8
CW    839
D&H Toys    321, 323
dadtoyz    210, 309, 311, 313, 315, 317
Daedalus Studios    332
Dajen Art    L11
DakotaKid Creations Shoppe    237
Dan Voltz Art    J17, J18
Dani Swanson    D15
Danny Trejo    S1, S2, S3
Dante Basco    S27, S28
Daphne Comics and Art    M10
Dave Wheeler    136
David McCormack    S5, S6
David Yost    S10, S11
Dead Usagi Chan Art    C11, C12
Deckitout    G1
Defiant Threads    503
DekumanCrybaby    F16
Dennis Vogen    D16
Dhea Loral    A16

Diamond Storm    H5
Dice Mugs by Reiki Magick    617
Diecaster Games    917
Digifox Creations/Remise Gaming    N4
Dizzy Leopard Shop    434
Doug Erholtz    S19
Dragon Alley    604, 703

Dragon and Zombie    222
Drawingcrows    A3
DreamStitcher Custom Costume    T1
Drew Brockington    A10

TC Geek social preview.jpg



E.Moore Art Studio    931
Eddie Steeples    S63
Eh Drake    F10
Emi Lo    S40
Emily Neves    S37
Enrique Draws    E9
Erik Hodson Art    A11, A12
Erik Krenz Prints    C3
Erin Lefler    G13
Ethan Suplee    S62

Everyday Geek  701
Fabrice Sapolsky    G14
Factions: Battlegrounds LLC    337
Fangirling Over Jesus    715
Father's Figures    N5
Filthy Loot    K17
Fragmented Nostalgia    410, 412, 414
Free Geek    240, 339
Fresh Finds By KNCJ LLC    611
Fulcrum Comiks    621
Funmi the Flamingo    624
Fuzzbutt Boutique    601
gawki    G17, G18

The Geek Boutique    422
Geek Partnership Society    T3
Geekify Inc    605
Geeky Elves    618
Gendakiwi    D9
Gerry draws    L10
Giant Turtle Creations    110, 209
Granite City Comics    626, 628
Green Rabbit Press    D6
Greg Baldwin    S4
Grey DeLisle-Griffin    S17
Haack Shack Designs    632
Hadokoa Contrast    H9
Have Pen Will Draw    F12
HAWWAA Studios    J6
HCTMDesigns    H14
Headlocked Comics    935
HeartOfTheOceanset    B18
Hector Ceniceros III - Jamon Red    815
Henna Harvest    E11, E12
Horrorizons    J14
Ice Cream Sunday Podcast    T17
Ichabod's Lanterns    727
Illgot and Gaines    631
In My Parents Basement    224, 226, 228
Invader Kay    A2
itsmandymo of Kurry Studio    426, 428
Jack De Sena    S15
Jake Pleshe Art    L12
Jamal Igle    G15
James Arnold Taylor    S56, S57
Janet Varney    S16
Jarrett Melendez    A8
Jason Lee    S65, S64
Jason Mewes    S66, S67
Jeanna Pappas    C15
Jeff Anderson    S45
Jenuine Collectibles    533
Jeremy London    S43
Jeremy Provost    B4
Jerry Gaylord    M11
JetFalco    A6
Jim Mehsling    140
Joe Hunter    E14
Joker's Guild    633
Jonah Scott    S12
Jordan Gunderson    G16
JPUSA Enterprises LLC    230
JsalasCreations  437

JSA    S13
Julia Likes Cats    J12
Justin Cook    S36
K.A. Williams    D4
Karrie Art    828
Kawaii Junkii    525, 527
kawaii satori    538
kayochins    C5, C6
Kevin Smith    S68, S69
KikiCraft    937
Kinki DeVice Crafts    F4
Kirseel    D11
KnotJustaCrocheter    K4
Kozdoma    B16
Kp Komix    H11
Krazeecrafts    526, 528
KS95    739 (Friday 3-5 Only)
Kuroe Draws    N15
Kyle Phillips    S35
Lady Dragon's Treasures    F3
Lan Pitts    E15
Lazy Horse    N6
LeadMN    T11
LemonBun    H18
Lily Wenndt Illustration /

Janelle Imagined    N14
Lilystrations    E2
Lobotomy Clothing    613
Lofty Dog Designs    F17
Longstreet Arts    K7
Lovely Woods Publishing    806
LoversOverLosers    816
Lucie Pohl    S50
Luke Ellison    B7
Lumika Designs    225
Lydia Perez Artist    D7
Macy Dixon, Author    827
Magic Mochi Art    H7
Maikuuro Art    N9
MakerAholic    N7
Maki Roll    836
Marilyn Ghigliotti    S46

Mark Leiknes  
Mark Lone Illustrator    603
Matt Hintz Art    M7
Matt Lanter    S54, S55
Maydak LLC    J5
Mel Shardae    G2
Melanie Zanetti    S7, S8
mellow pan/haromochi    G6
MevrouwRoze Studios    B6
Michael Yurchak    S34
Michel Prince Books    521, 523
Mikal Mosley    838
MilkStreetStudio    E5
Ming Chen    S47

MN Middle Earth Costumers    T14
MN Star Wars Collectors Alliance    340
Mirage Makes    K11
Miriam Wade    B17
Mischief & Malice    717
MN PokéCon    T7
Moneco Arts    F18
Monica Rial    S38
Mono Buutique    H15

Monster Matt's Creepy Crafts   C4
Most Wanted Comics    630, 729
Moth and Mint    A13
Mousecierge Travel    634
MTC Toys    310, 312, 314, 409, 411, 413
MurdokX    M1
MUSETAP    607
Mythic Arts by Shauna Aura Knight    510, 609
Nadji Jeter    S20
Neil Kaplan    S32
Neon Culture    606, 608
Nerdy Inspirations    531
Nerdy Knits / Holli Rose Art    830
Nick Jizba    236
NIck Palodichuk    D17
Niice Things    K14
No Grit No Pearl    512, 514
Nostalgix Trading Card Game    911
Novel Embellishment    M15
Nu World Comics    211



Oakley's Nerd Nook    832
OldSkoolToros    520, 619
oliviorb + andybesito    N8
OtakuCrochets    F11
Otis Frampton    E16
Painted Dragon Studios    929
Paul Rugg    S61
Peace by Piece    627
Phil Hester    235
Phoenix Animation    807

Pillo Pascal  835
Pins By Arisamon    N2
Pistachii    K10
Pixel Empire    330, 429
Planet Funko    718
PlanetGlub    F14
Plastic Pizza    126, 128, 225, 227
Plushie Mart LLC    821
PokeHerotcg    735
PokePalooza    812
pombubu    622
Psychic readings    G9
Rachael Leigh Cook    S9
Rachel Topka    H12
Raden Studios    A15
Raising Wolves Art    H2

RAM Imports    506, 508
Randy Siplon    K6
RatAttack Studios    J7
Reaching for Divine    M14
Reba Buhr    S42
Reboot Props    H17

Redbird Embroidery   C8
Reggie Herman Art Books    J13
Retro Replay Arcades    706, 708
Robaina Designs    M3
Roman Expres    737
RosePaw Art    E1
Ross Marquand    S23

Rude Katana   N1
Ryan Bartley    S41
S-Morishita Studio    L7
Sabbath Cloth    534
Sagemoon Arts    E17, E18
Sakura's Blossoms    516, 518
Salami Productions    N16
SamiJo Handmade    636
Sapphire Sun Creations    F9
saruwash    L4
Saturday Morning Entertainment    M6
Scoundrelle's Keep    535
Scout Bennett    B13
Sean Waltman    S24
see carrie color    F6
Senpai Creations LLC    530, 629
Sensiil Studios    K16
Shane Sauer Art    C16, C17, C18
Shibe Ink    610, 709
Signum Somnia    432
Sm0shii Art    F8
Snake Simp Artz!    721
Son of Jen Puppets    A1
Songbird Pixel Art    907
Sophia Strawberrie    C1
Sorah Suhng    N11, N12
Source Comics & Games    238    G7
Spare Room    J15
Spectacular Ears    H3
SpringsInk    K12
Squishy Citrus Studio    E8
stace of spades    J1
Starshine Plush    G10
Sterling Games    424
Steve Burns    S58, S59
Steve Cardenas    S48, S49
Stitchtoons    501
Studio Paigy    H16
stuff AEA made    G4
Sugarbplays Cross Stitch    H13
Summer Lakes Beverage    831
supahhnan    J8
Super Retro Land    220, 319
Sweet Cream Arts    F1
SweeToothGhost    L5
Sworderailer    F13
T-Mobile    336, 338
Tabletop Shop    438
Tako Collective    623
Tallowmancer's Wonders    705
TeeTurtle & Unstable Games    736
Tenshi Toys    612, 614, 616
TerisTauArt    402
TeriyakiWeasel & Chelbizzaro    D10
Terry Huddleston Art    329, 331
Tester's Toys    213, 215, 217
The Art of C.K    J4
The Art of Megan Withey    925
The Forge    522
The Illustrations of Caitlin Abele    D1
The Krazy Chameleon    335
The Meggles Art    G8
The Mystic Geek    416
The Orchard Fantasy Guild    B5
The Pagan Dragon; Eclectic Skatter    E4
The Pop Garage    826
The Saber Legion    340
The Telescope Show    E6
The Tired Cleric    B8
The Uncanny Experience    T10
The Whimsy Cellar and WC Sabers    915
thebeantoes    D13
Theoretically.okay    L9
ThinkCutie    433
Thomas Gladhill    H10

Thread Theories  E10
Thyngs N Mor    825
Tiger King Cast Members    638
Timothy Zahn    640
tinystarProductuons    A9
TJNelson Artworks    F7
Toast Studios    D5
Tom Gibis    S33, S34
Tom Ruegger    S60
ToniRenea Art    B2
Tony Todd    S21, S22
Total Party Kill Games    430, 529

Tracie Ching    K18
TrashieArt    808
Travis Bentley Design    114
Trepinning Illustration    A14
triforce cosplay and accessories    710, 712, 809, 811
Trish Stratus    S26
Twin Cities Geek    T5
Twin Cities Pride    T2
Uncivilized/ Living the Line Books    731
Unforgiven Productions    725

Urban Books LLC  726, 728
V. M. Nelson    F5
V1 Tech    322, 324, 326, 328, 421, 423, 425, 427
Vinnie's Comics and Toys    536
War Forged Printing    431
Wes Johnson    S29
Whimsical Whiskers    817
Whimsy Gals Crafts    J11
Wild Riders Leather & Wood    L1
WindArrow3d    318, 320, 417, 419
Wingingit Studio    L6
Wisdom Gaming    515
Wisparia    N17
Witchy Wish    D14
Woodbury Cards    420
Wooperworks    A17
World Monster HQ    120, 122, 219, 221
Wrong Channel Productions    J3
WyntersEnd Workshop    435
Yuri Lowenthal    S30, S31
Zach Tyler Eisen    S14

2023 Exhibitor/Artist lisT

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